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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and it is one of the most attractive cities in the world. If you want to enjoy a vacation personally or with friends, then Bangkok is an ideal place for you. You can travel to this metropolis mainly to enjoy Bangkok nightlife. It is a busy city where thousands of tourists from different countries visit, and there are many exciting things that you are bound to remember.

The main historical and cultural context of these sightseeing places in Bangkok, such as temples, museums, and royal palaces, is at the center of tourist attraction. Nightclubs and hip cocktail bars are the most exciting things you’ll find here at night. Moreover, the night in Bangkok is considered to be night heaven. At night you can see different types of parties here.

6 Best Bars to Party at Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok is famous for partying nightlife. Bangkok could be the best option for your nightlife enjoyment. Seven of the best bars in Bangkok that are comfortable for travelers are discussed in detail below.

CRU Champagne Bar

CRU Champagne Bar

If you are a champagne lover, then CRU Champagne Bar is perfect. It is located on the 59th floor of the Bangkok Convention Center, and its name is derived from the French word.

It contributes significantly to the industrial sector of the Bangkok economy. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery from the CRU Champagne bar. You can only enter here if you are above 20 years of age.

Here you will find more exciting food and drinks. Here you can enjoy the uninterrupted nightlife. You will find it open from 5 am to 12 pm.

Red Sky Bar

Red Sky Bar

Among the most popular bars in Bangkok, Red Sky Bar is the most popular bar in Center Grand, located on the 56th floor. This place is called the heart of Bangkok city.

Here the time from 4 pm to 6 pm is called Shub Samha. The most exciting thing about this bar is that you can see the sunset from here, called twilight sunset.

Also here you will find more than 300 drinks. You can also sit and relax here.

Moon Bar Bangkok

Moon Bar Bangkok

Moon Bar is located on South Sudan Road in Bangkok and opens from 4 pm onwards. This bar is ranked 10th in the world. You can enjoy a night out at this bar, which hosts various music events. You can participate in musical events. Children can also dance and sing in this bar.

Here you can enjoy as much as you like as the owners and staff here show a friendly attitude towards everyone. In Bangkok nightlife, you can see various DJ party events and get all kinds of drinking water. If you go there and face any problem, they will help you.

Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar

Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar

Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar is a popular bar known for its exciting nightlife. The sunset colors here are gorgeous, and you can enjoy them. You’ll find DJs playing music and cocktails here on Friday and Saturday nights too.

You can enjoy daily nightly events and drink cocktails, beer, and wine. The atmosphere of this time is very charming, where you and your friends come together to have a great time which will be unforgettable as a special night in your life.

If you ever visit Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, you must have a night at Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar and have the time of your life.

MOJO Rooftop Lounge & Bar

MOJO Rooftop Lounge & Bar

This bar can be seen with extra sparkling night lights and is located on the 32nd floor of a hotel in Bangkok. Here the music is played at night and you can enjoy it and watch movies for free.

Also, you can eat some interesting food here. The staff of this bar is very well-behaved and they will try to fulfill your wishes cordially. This place is also enjoyable for families and children.

This bar, lit by Latin designers and developed in a modern, classic style, is air-conditioned and has a pleasant seating environment, so you can come here if you want to have a good time.

The Stranger Bar

The Stranger Bar

One of the most popular bars in Bangkok is The Stranger Bar which is open from 9:30 pm to 1 am. Here you will find the most fabulous party arrangements. Nightlife in December is a lot to enjoy. You’ll find a DJ party, Jazz Jay PE, and a Friday night drug show on Thursday in December.

The performances of the shows you will see here are excellent. The artists are fun and try to keep everyone’s spirits up, and you’ll find all kinds of drinks here at night. Moreover, the drug queen show can be one of the most spectacular chapters of your Bangkok nightlife.

8 Best Places to Go in Bangkok Nightlife

If you want to enjoy the night lights, you must go to Bangkok. We have researched the top places to go in Bangkok at night. These are discussed in detail below.



There are many places to visit in Bangkok, but you can visit Chinatown in Bangkok. Nightlife in Chinatown is fascinating. Here you can see many street lights at night.

Also, the streets are filled with the aroma of delicious food. If you love seafood, you’ll spend the whole night here, as you can get fried crabs, pickled prawns, etc.

Here you can see many cultural places where various songs and dances are performed at night, and a giant golden statue attracts the attention of tourists and is a lively tourist spot. You can visit Chinatown when you have time. We hope you can enjoy the nightlife here.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road

Khao San Road is one of the most popular areas to enjoy Bangkok nightlife. You will find nightclubs with music and dancing, small roadside shops, clothing stores, and eateries.

You’ll find a carnival-like atmosphere as you walk along the streets. Moreover, here you can eat cocktails, grills, kebabs, etc. While the area is picturesque, this road becomes even more beautiful at night.

Rambuttri Village

Rambuttri Village

Rambutri Village is located near Khao San Road, a beautiful place. Here you will find many nightclubs where you can listen to European American music at night and also see live banks. Hopefully, these songs will touch your heart, and you can also get whiskey cocktails here, which will make your night beautiful.

Once you enter this village, you will be delighted by the ambiance, you will find many pleasant places to eat here and you will also find message shops, budget housing, clothing stands, etc. You can definitely visit this village in Bangkok and enjoy the night here.

Soi Cowboy Street

Soi Cowboy Street

Soi Cowboy Street is one of the must-see places in Bangkok, and you can see the red lights here at night. You can visit here on holiday and have fun at night.

You will find many bars to party at and places to eat and drink. Also, this is an excellent place if you prefer to avoid exercising.

Here you can hang out with friends, spouses, and family and make the night very interesting, which can be a memorable day.

Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza is a large plaza in Bangkok where red lights are lit at night. In this plaza, you can get many types of drinks that are very tasty.

The atmosphere of Nana Plaza is charming which will make your Bangkok nightlife more attractive. You can make your night very beautiful and joyful in this plaza. We hope the bright light here fills your mind.

You will find that the vendors of this plaza are very friendly, which is why you can visit this plaza. Once there, all your worries will fade away, and you will have a great night.

RCM (Royal City Avenue)

RCM (Royal City Avenue)

Bangkok has many large nightlights, the most prominent of which is the RCM (Royal City Avenue), frequented by high society and former tourists.

If you take your friends here, you can have a lot of fun because there is no loud music or dancing, not only that, everyone can dance on the floor together and drink alcohol together, it will make your night sweeter. Here all your worries will go away. You will be happy from within.



Patpong is Bangkok’s oldest red-light district, and there will be parallel streets lined with red lights on both sides. You will find night parties and various hours of action here from 7 pm onwards.

As you’ll discover along Patpong, many small bars keep the music going late into the night; you can get anything you want on a night out.

Here you can drink foreign cocktails and other liquors. You can make your night memorable by visiting here.



Located on the banks of Bangkok’s river, the Asiatic, this is an excellent place for you if you want to hang out night after night. It opens daily at 5 pm, and you can enjoy it. Here you will find food shops, electronic systems, and many more shops.

You can watch traditional shows like the popular ladyboy cabaret show, puppet shows here at night. At night many tourists throng here to see the scene and these events are very entertaining, stimulating the mind of tourists. Hope you will have a beautiful and fantastic night if you visit here, which will be a night to remember.

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9 Things to Do at Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is an exciting place. Bangkok has bars, parks, sea plazas, and resorts that will attract you. These attractive places will help to refresh your mind. Below are nine things to discuss in Bangkok.

Things to Do at Bangkok Nightlife

Spend the Night at the Bars

Bangkok’s bars are one of the best enjoyment for Bangkok nightlife. The bars have a pleasant, friendly atmosphere with well-behaved staff. These staff will try their best to fulfill your heart’s desire.

You can enjoy both the atmosphere. You can spend a good night here, which will give you a lot of pleasure and refresh your mind.

Watch a Beautiful Mesmerizing Sunset

One of the beautiful things to do in Bangkok is to watch the sunset. In the evening, a new environment is created around. Everything wakes up here after dusk.

Walking the streets at sunset is charming. You can enjoy the sunset time. There are many other attractions in Bangkok, one of which is watching the sunset.

Going for a Walk on the Beach

Going to the beach in Bangkok is a lot of fun. Here you can walk along the coast. You can touch the sand of the sea. Walking on the sea sand is very fun.

At night there are lots of illuminated stalls surrounded by small eateries where you can eat. There is everything for dinner and partying, with drinks that will tempt you. The environment here is precious and mesmerizing, which will help refresh your mind.

You can have Dinner at the Grand Swiss Hotel

The Grand Swiss Hotel in Bangkok is charming. You can listen to music here at night and eat delicious food here. Here you will find soft shell crab, papaya salad, and various western and Thai dishes.

After the meal, you can also have mocktails to refresh your mind. Here you can get affordable food. You can spend a great night here.

Go to the Shopping Mall

The famous shopping mall is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. This shopping mall offers various brands of fashionable items and cheap products. It will be very good for you because it has all the facilities.

The best thing about the shopping mall is that it has seafood and loud live shows at night, which will help to boost your mind. The significant fact of this restaurant is its atmosphere and cleanliness. If you spend the night here, this place will refresh your mind.

Watch Siam Niramit Show

You can regularly enjoy the Siam Niramit Show, the most remarkable performance in the world. This is called historical performance. All kinds of technology are used here, which will attract you.

This cultural program is the most significant event and will make you attractive. You rarely see such a performance. The atmosphere here is charming, you will get food here and you can drink as many alcoholic cocktails as you want.

Explore the Chinatown Area

Chinatown is a popular and visited place in Bangkok. You will find everything from T-shirts and food to shopping at Chinatown Market. Here you can have a sweet time.

Not only that, you can shop for any big occasion and enjoy the night. Here you will find many small food stalls, and these foods are delicious and fun. You can eat them for dinner.

You can Enjoy the Beauty of the River by Boat

The largest river in Bangkok is the Chao Phraya River, where you can enjoy the beauty of the night. If you go to Bangkok, you must take a boat tour because during the trip you will see many ancient architectures that will attract you.

During this time, you will see the scenery outside and be amazed by the famous landmarks and the different colored lights around the water at night, which is very beautiful. Here you can spend your best night and enjoy a fun trip like a boat trip.

Party Till Dawn at Route 66 Club

There are many party spots in Bangkok, but Route 66 Club is the most popular place to party all night. You can find this club open every day. And, at night various musical performances will melt your heart.

You will find many types of drinks, including alcohol, here. If you want to perform, you can do so in this beautiful atmosphere that will touch your heart. This festive atmosphere will make your night more enjoyable.

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How is the Nightlife in Bangkok?

Bangkok nightlife is full of exciting activities and more relaxed than the daytime and you can visit during the excellent season of November-February.

If you want to have dinner with your family and loved ones, you can have unique delicacies from street-side shops. Here you can find various Thai and Chinese food at reasonable prices at many roadside stalls.

Here, you can have some drinks after dinner. Also, you can take a walk around your hotel or enjoy yourself at bars or clubs. Does it depend on where you live?

Bangkok has a lot of places for nightlife all over Bangkok. But my advice would be to go where tourists go because you can talk to the waiters in English and they will understand what you want very quickly. Thus, the environment here is enjoyable.

Which is the most famous place in Bangkok for night?

Soi Cowboy is an exciting place. There are also various streets and clubs that you can go to. Phrom Phong area and places around Sukhumvit Road may be attractive for you.

What should a single man remember while traveling to Bangkok for the first time?

If you are a single male traveling to Bangkok for the first time, there are some essential tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, ensure local respect, and learn about customs and traditions. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing while visiting temples or other holy places. Make sure you put on sunscreen because the sun can be pretty intense in Bangkok at certain times of the year, so it’s best not to leave the house.

Is Nana Plaza safe in Bangkok?

Yes, it’s relatively safe, although the nearby Soi Cowboy area is more tourist-friendly. In this place, you will not buy drugs from Nigerians who are selling drugs there, and the police will not catch you with drugs. It’s not Disneyland, but this place is pretty safe.

What are the places to visit in Bangkok during the day?

You can enjoy the local culture, temples, museums, and theaters during the daytime. Remember to take pictures of those exciting places to show your family and friends so that they will be happy to see these pictures. I hope you will enjoy the Bangkok nightlife during your stay in Bangkok and you will have a great time.

Last Words

Among the things mentioned above, you will find Bangkok’s nightlife attractions. If you are interested in culture, shopping, and vibrant nightlife, this beautiful city has a lot to offer. Hope, all the above activities will make your trip to Bangkok unforgettable.

In this article, we will try to introduce you to Bangkok and the best nightlife activities in Bangkok. You and your family can enjoy the nightlife in Bangkok by visiting the many music venues, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in Bangkok.

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