Koh Chang Nightlife Guide

Koh Chang Nightlife Guide | Best things to do in Koh Chang

Koh Chang district is a small island known for its natural beauty. It’s the subdivision-administered area in the Trat Province of The Kingdom Of Thailand. It is situated near Colombian borders, on the Gulf of Thailand’s eastern coast. But this tiny island gained its name for its insane beauty and fantastic hospitality. This place is so welcoming that if you end your Thailand trip without visiting it, it will be your biggest mistake. Here are the Best things to do in Koh Chang and the ultimate travel guide.

8 Best Things to Do in Koh Chang Nightlife

Best Things to Do in Koh Chang Nightlife

Koh Chang is a famous island in Thailand. Let’s talk about the top 8 things to do in some nightlife bars in Koh Chang, which will serve as an example for every traveler.

White Sand Beach Night Market

White Sand Beach Night Market

White Sand Beach Night Market is a public street food market. It is lovely and popular in Koh Chang. Due to its location near the beach, you can enjoy the sunset very well from here. You can eat all kinds of street food at sunset. The cuisine at this night market is fantastic. You can enjoy all the popular dishes by sitting by the sea beach.

You will find all kinds of famous food stalls in this night market. Foods that are prepared with all the spices. You will discover high-quality food here, including all local dishes. Among the popular dishes here are glutinous rice and maize snacks. There are also seafood and locally produced curries.

Sunset Yoga at DuTalay Hotel

Sunset Yoga at DuTalay Hotel

Yoga is a great exercise. It is suitable for any human being. And if you can do this yoga at sunset, it will be more beautiful. Yes, it’s true, you can do yoga on the rooftop of the DuTalay Hotel facing the sunset. The sunset view in front of you and the relaxing atmosphere will help you unwind. 

But keep one thing in mind: a must-have yoga mat, mosquito repellent medicine, and water bottle with you. Moreover, at DuTalay Hotel, all the popular food items are beautiful.


Karaoke in Koh Chang

Karaoke is a popular spot in Koh Chang, perfect for hanging out with friends after dinner. You can demonstrate any skill with a large group or friends. Here mainly solo singing skills are displayed.

Koh Chang is a special place. You will find English songs in most areas regarding karaoke in Koh Chang. Finding a room in most hotels and resorts on Karaoke Island takes effort. Moreover, you will find local and high-quality food and drinks, including all seafood.

Bang Bao Beach

Bang Bao Beach

Bang Bao Beach is one of the best nightlife spots in Koh Chang. This beach is also known as Klong Kloi Beach and is a popular destination in Thailand. It’s just a little bit of sand on some water piles, which is very calm.

But one of the best things about Bang Bao is enjoying the beautiful sunset. And you can frame them through photo shoots. You will find a little crowd at this beach, famous for night rest and parties.

Bailan Beach Bars

Bailan Beach Bars

Bailan Beach is popularly considered a party place. On this beach, you can party hard with your friends and have a lot of drinks. This beach is mainly famous for its music. Here reggae music, live bands, cocktails, etc. music are significantly ahead. The nightlife spots on this beach are very close to Bailan Beach. All the bars here are located very close to the beach. So you can sit by the sea and enjoy drinks with music.

Moreover, since all the spots here are close, you can quickly move from one place to another. On this beach, you will find all the popular food and drinks. You can easily enjoy the sea by eating that.

Ting Tong Bar

Ting Tong Bar

Ting Tong Bar is the most popular and well-known among all the bars in Koh Chang’s nightlife. This bar is located on the famous Party Beach. You can stay up all night, party, and sip cocktails on this beach. Live music starts every evening at Ting Tong Bar. Various types of music are played here.

Here you will find everything you need to soothe your mind. It has high-quality drinks and street food. Besides, there is all seafood. Hence, Ting Tong Bar is famous for good music and drinks. You can relax your mind and have a nice night at this bar.

Clubs and Bars at Lonely Beach

Clubs and Bars at Lonely Beach

Every place in Koh Chang is lovely. Especially the nightlife of Koh Chang. Koh Chang is perfect for every nightlife party. And the most notable bar is Lonely Beach Club and Bar. All kinds of drinks and high-quality food are available in this bar. Moreover, you can enjoy the music here while drinking drinks. Nolli Beach is the perfect place to make new friends.

This beach has several knife-life spots. There are various parties, including fire shows, weekly parties, etc, accompanied by beer and local food. So, if you are looking for someone new or want to make friends and have a great time, come to Lonely Beach Club and Bar today.

White Sand Beach Beer Bars

White Sand Beach beer bars are the perfect place for a solo party and to spend a memorable evening in Koh Chang. It is also known as a suitable place for playing live music by the sea.

Every bar here has fire shows and full moon parties. Also, the local people here offer a variety of local DJ parties. Among the Koh Chang Nightlife, you can have a variety of cocktails and barbecue parties at White Sand Beach. Also, here you will find a variety of beer and soft drinks, which will make your night party more lively.

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5 Best Bar, Cafe, and Party Areas in Koh Chang

So let’s find out about bars and hotels to find nightlife in Koh Chang. You definitely need to travel at least once to get a feel for them.

Best Party Areas and Hotels in Koh Chang

The White Elephant

The White Elephant is not just a restaurant and bar in the Koh Chang district’s White Sands Beach. It’s also a popular sports bar among travelers, especially among western travelers. This place has the island’s most prominent alternative of draft bottled beers. There is a table by the middle of the pool and a large TV screen where visitors can enjoy live sports with a pair of drinks. 

Himmel Bar

Himmel Bar, located in Lonely Beach, Koh Chang, is a famous place for the young crowd. This is known for its best music, disco, and playing DJ music all night. Here you can get the best drinks and food at an exclusive offer. You can enjoy the Koh Chang Nightlife the way it is.

Mambo Beach Cafe

The Mambo Beach Cafe is one of the best sea beach cafes and restaurants in Koh Ching. Mambo Beach Café is near the famous Lonely Beach, Koh Chang District. Visitors enjoy swimming, sitting, and lying on the beach with a drink. This is the best place known for hanging around with friends and family. The sunset view is so mesmerizing that you can not forget the moment after seeing it. This small island restaurant has everything to make your Nightlife Joyful.

Pilot Bar

Pilot Bar is a beach bar and Restaurant in Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang. This is a cum Restaurant and bar in the finest place. Visitors enjoy their Nightlife Authentic Thai Food and drinks with a stunning view. This place also offers you live music with musicians. Pilot Bar can be an ideal place for you if you want to enjoy it with friends and family, especially if you are traveling with kids.

Funky Monkey Café

Funky Monkey Café is located at Moo 4 Kai bae Changwat Trat. It’s near the main street on the beach’s northern side, which offers delicious food, cocktails, cold beers, and drinks. Enjoy the Koh Chang Nightlife in Funky Monkey Café with Live music, a party, and drinks.

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Why is Koh Chang called Koh Chang?

Koh Chang is a famous island and district in Thailand. It is located in Trat province. Originally Ko Chang meant “Elephant Island.” The first part of Koch Chang Island looks like an elephant. There are elephants here, but they are not native elephants.

Is the journey to Koh Chang safe?

Koh Chang is one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand. It is related to Thailand’s tourism industry. Therefore, the Thailand administration provides security to this island at all times. It is even safe for nightlife.

What is the best beach in Koh Chang, Thailand?

Koh Chang Island in Thailand is very popular among tourists from all over the world. The beaches here are the best. But one is Lonely Beach, White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Koh Wai, Koh Kood white sand beach, etc.

Is it possible to visit Koh Chang during the monsoons?

Koh Chang has many waterfalls. And the best time to see these waterfalls is the rainy season. Because during the rainy season, the waterfalls overflow with water in full glory. So, visit Koh Chang during monsoons.

Is room rental available for nightlife in Koh Chang?

Yes, of course, there is. Koh Chang has good quality hotels and resorts for nightlife accommodation and dining. You can rent them anytime at a low cost.

Koh Chang is a famous tourist island in Thailand. Koh Chang nightlife is a great attraction for people from all over the world. Here at night you can party as much as you want, and enjoy life. Koh Chang nightlife offers a variety of food and drinks.

Moreover, some places will attract tourists. Above, we discussed areas or bars that many people needed to learn. We hope anyone will follow our article before visiting Koh Chang nightlife.

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